Student Life

Student Life

in Jun 16, 2021

At the Karma Devi Group, we inspire the students to see the world differently and experience everything student’s life has to offer. If you study with the “Karmadevi group, you will receive a great education with an overall development- something which lasts a lifetime. Beyond that, the support, guidance, counselling and the bundle of opportunities allows students to determine their student life at KDG – it really can be what you want it to be. There are no stereo types when it comes to our students, all of them are different and all of them has their own experiences, learning and at the end of their journey here with us our graduates have self believe and have ability to take the step towards what they want to be.

As we believe all the students are different but at the end of their journey they have few common trades, humility, responsibility, and ability to take charge of life.

Moments Matter Campus Life

We are proud of our education; we are proud of our teaching techniques and methodology, but we are even more proud about the other aspects of student experience we offer. The sports events, fresher party, Farwell events, talent hunts.

Seating Nests

We welcome students to their new homes away from home; Our beautiful campus has everything you need for your studies and beyond. The libraries are full of books but also have comics, magazine, fiction novels, you can read in the cosyseating inside or find a quite spot to work on our project in a very green and beautiful surrounding with fast wifi. The campus also has different seating area to allow more verity for the students to catch up, group studies or just a casual chat with the fellow students.

Food And Drinks

When ever you want a coffee, a cup of tea or a place to sit down for a quick bite or friendly lunch to laugh or discuss your next project, you can find an ideal spot in our college canteen/ mess. There are two canteen and one mess within the campus and our pharmacy canteen is very popular among the students for their spicy samosas, tangy golgappas and sweet chill chaat.


Our mess/canteen offers variety of tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The canteen also offers some of the most popular Indian street food, Kathi rolls for quick bites and alsoa clean, and cooked balance healthy meal freshly made by the in-house chef. More often our keen kitchen staff uses some herbs and vegetable from their kitchen garden.

Events And Entertainment

Not a dull moment in our campus, we are a very active community and we do ensure that the students are equallyengaged in their choice of activity offered by the institution through out the year. We have art, rangoli competition and we also have drama and dnukkadnatak (Street Play) theatre.

With the fitness in mind all the institute run their sports companions but every year for three days all the institutes compete each other to win the house cap. “Spardha” is very important and very valued event of the group. The event is run for three days and is covered by local media and also run in our community radio.

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