Rajyog Hostel

Rajyog Hostel is not like any boarding facility out there, but it is an experience of living with your friends. Unlike the conventional idea and experience of the college or school housing this place is known for its friendly and safe atmosphere. The hostel offer comfortable single and double occupancy rooms, indoor playing areas with the games such as table tennis, chess, and other indoor fun board games for our students to help relax after a busy day in their institutes.

The hostel rooms are light and airy equipped with a wardrobe, comfortable bed and study table. It also has a dedicated reading area and entertainment room with television and music system. The wellbeing of pupils lies at the heart of our institutions, and the welfare of our students is our number one priority.

To ensure high-quality pastoral care we have introduced many parameters and caretakers, the essence of our pastoral care lies in the House System, where small houses (no more than 25 students) enables the “Care Masters” and the “House Masters” of different houses to get to know house students very well and helps tailor their support to meet individual needs. During their time at institute, some students come to rely very heavily upon the support, guidance, and direction they find in their houses. The ideas of the houses, gives them that family and close group we all need as human, and the bonding and relationships they build here stays with them for a lifetime.

However, the pastoral care net spreads wider than the “Houses” alone. Each student has a study group, and an individual “Tutor” oversees their academic progress and who is readily available to advise and encourage them throughout their time with the institutions. We also have similar but more involved setup for our early year students. Professional psychological support and career counselling is provided, when required, through the team of counsellors support groups in campus.

The physical health of our students is also very important for us and is overseen by trained qualified resident nurses living within the campus compound and each student is registered with the Krishna Mission Hospital in Basti which is also the partner hospital of the institute. This hospital is the best and the largest hospital in the city with best in class facilities and infrastructure available for the wellbeing of our students , if required.