Other Projects

We at Karmadevi Group are not confined to environmental or geographical boundaries and have interests in international projects and outsourcing companies. The visionary leadership team at Karmadevi is continuously look at opportunities which are aligned with overall vision of the group and also avenues which provide opportunities for our students to get an exposure of interacting with people who are at the forefront of their industries.

OmniFix Consulting Private Limited

OmniFix Consulting is a niche Programme Management and Delivery consultancy operating in the United Kingdom. With almost 20 years of experience of delivering complex multi-million programmes in domains like FMCG, Telecoms, Loyalty Marketing, Financial Services and Legal Tech, OmniFix enjoys a great rapport and goodwill in companies like Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Premium Credit, O2 UK, Orange Telecom UK, Sainsburys and Rocket Lawyer to name a few.

The Legal Base (TLB)

TLB is an upcoming legal process outsourcing company operating from Noida (India). Formed with a partnership with CEO of Karmadevi Group, TLB has a vision to provide high quality legal outsourced services as a trustworthy partner to leading law firms and solo law practitioners in UK, USA and Singapore. TLB is an upcoming venture and is going through an exciting growth phase with opportunities at their Noida HQ.