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About Karma Devi Group

The Karma Devi Group (KDG) was stablished in the yeas 2010 with the objective of imparting education to all aspiring students irrespective of their study mediums, schooling or them being differently abled. The road map of the group has been carefully drafted with the one “vision” in mind “Education with Purpose”. The institution has been earning considerable appreciation for imparting value-based education in response to demands of the corporate world and imbibing ideals of academic excellence among both, faculty and students alike. The mission was to create a centre of academic excellence in the early, primary, preparatory, and professional education with the purpose of fulfilling the society, industry requirement through holistic development of the future performers.

    Karma Devi Digital Zone

    Karma Devi Digital Zone is a digital and automated examination centre offering end to end processes and facilities for competitive, entrance, university, private and board examination. The centre follows very ethical commands and practice’s strict identity verification process, the examinations rooms are also well monitored and has very secure entrance. To reduce the errors and eliminate fraud to take place, an administrative team oversees every step of the way and with the CCTV cameras every corner and state of the art automation this centre is by far more advance and well facilitated centre out there.

    Centre Offers


    Robust identification Process— A rules-bid exam centre with reliable scheduling, allocation and automated admit card verification and auto generated hall tickets.

    Secure examination rooms— The centre offers comfortable sitting, lighting and all the other immunities for a very pleasant examination experience.

    Reliable and Superior Processing— Dedicated baggage collection, disciplined admission, friendly and helpful staff and all the support and amenities are available for the students and their guardians for a very seamless and comfortable experience.


    Key Values

    Maintain Confidentiality— Maintains a high level of confidentiality to minimise the risk of leakage of any sensitive information and enhances the examination bodies credibility.

    Greater Efficiency— The next generation automated exam centre enables universities and board to have reliable, transparent, efficient and user-friendly partners for their centre-based examination needs. It also enables more and more candidates to feel confident of having a fare chance of qualifying for the career of the choice.

    Reduce Cost— Eliminates examination bodies to cater or hire number of immunities to hold a large exam and that reduces the exam cost per sessions. Our centre is equipped to hold up to 250 candidates at a time and can have as many as three shifts a day therefore saving towards the traveling cost for the candidates and running cost for the examination bodies.