Gautam Buddha Welfare Trust

Gautam Buddha Welfare Trust

The Gautam Buddha Welfare trust was funded on the 11th of December 2011 with the idea of education and empowerment. The trust started with free education and more available and flexible adult education followed by a its first degree college for higher education for the rural population.

The trust is very close to the heart of our Founder Secretary & Chief Managing Trustee Mrs. Neeta Singh. Her believe in giving back takes this initiation to ride at the front of everything “Karma Devi Group” does. The trust is aim to a better community and aims to practice:_
1. Commitment to sustainability
2. Respect to all
3. Be approachable and transparent protocol
4. Take responsibility and share credit
5. Practice equality beyond gender and social diversity

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
Empower the less privileged chance of education and independence.
Allow and help to develop self-sustaining independent communities.
Invests in the idea to promotes self-sufficiency.
Provide meaningful support to the society real needs.
Implementing projects in the areas of health, education, employment for more sustainable community.

Our Vision:
Vision of the trust is imprinted in the symbol of the group “Giving flight to aspiration and hope for better tomorrow”.


Educated community leads to a sustainable society and a strong society is the iron road back bone to a progressive county and economy. Education, personality development and skill training to children and adults has been core area of work and dedication for the trust. Gautam Budha Trust actively hold educational programs, education counselling, career counselling and skill development sessions for the all in need.
Some of our events also involves computers educations and typing along with art, craft and handicraft workshops. We also educate about government aids and how to secure them for your first step in the second chance.

Health and Sanitization

Sanitization is the big problem in India, the importance of sentry packs, hospital birth, clean and covered toilets installations and disposing of the garbage properly has been another very important area of our work. Educating the farmer about the harms of burning the roots and practising everyday nutrition for all.
Our team is always advertising importance of birth control, safe pregnancy and must immunisation.


Environment is an especially important area of concern for us. Creating awareness for environment conservation and harvesting the rainwater and saving water are some of the areas of our work. We have undertaken educating the communities how to do rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling with the very little to non-resources. Tree plantation is a regularly conducted and the trust insures to plant at least 500 trees every year. We also conduct environmental educational/awareness programs with field visits for the communities and our children.