Message From Director General

Brigadier raj dev singh


On the occasion of launch of Website of Karma Devi Group I convey my greetings and best wishes to the Management, Faculty, Staff and students of this great institution.

Education with the aim of enabling students just to get a degree is of no use to society, nation and the world. No doubt, getting a degree is a prerequisite to get a job in India, but what we need is that students MUST possess excellent practical knowledge of the subject and it’s effective implementation and utilization for the benefit of society and mankind. This implies that an educational institution must impart excellent quality of practical training so that we have well rounded individuals and effective professionals. This is where “KD Group of institutions” scores over other institutions in the country.

It has excellent, spacious buildings for all different courses and program and has well-ventilated laboratories with most modern equipment and machineries according to the program’s requirements. Maximum opportunity and real-life practical training is imparted to the students, from the early years to the professional courses we tried to cater the learning, based on the individual student’s capacity. The location of the institutions is very picturesque as it is located on the right bank of river “Kuano” amid scenic surroundings. I wish this’ Excellent’ institution all the best and God speed.